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Yoga Lifestyle

Yoga lifestyle refers to the decisions we make, the choices we choose and the actions we take in order to support our yoga practice and embrace meaningful life that’s based on our beliefs.  

Alkalizing with greens

Our general health and well-being largely depends on the pH value of our body. Maintaining a slightly alkaline balance, preferably between 7.30 – 7.45 on the pH spectrum,  can help your body stay in good health. 

And, since we do care about your health,  you can get an special edition of green juice at our house :)

High Vibe jewelry

Why this jewellery have HIGH VIBES? 
Not just because I made it with love. I used Theta healing to cleanse it and empower qualities of gems, enabling those who wears it to be more intuitive, open their chakras and feel the high vibes :) Some of them have holy Tulsi beads for special spiritual vibe, and there are also unique mandala boxes indicating connection with Universe and all there is... These are just some of the samples, and many more are waiting for you in Prana Yoga House, or your order.

Natural cosmetics

Natural organic cosmetics presentation at Prana Yoga House

 For improving the quality of life by using natural things of nature produced in a natural way, charming Marta behind "Lyla"-organic natural cosmetics, provides evening presentations of her products with the purpose behind it.

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